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Course Name:  Cabinet Making


Barry - "Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Professional teaching in a relaxed manner."

 Diana - "Would like to come on next course."

 Steve - "Good pace, not rushed with an enjoyable atmosphere. Thanks!"

 John - "Thank you for an informative course. No additional comments as the course fulfilled all my expectations and more. I will be back."

Justin - "Once again an excellent course. Introduced new skills and developed those taught in previous courses."


Course Name:  Furniture Restoration


Peter - "Really excellent course taught by a very competent & friendly craftsman to suit the interests & abilities of the individual. Lovely surroundings and a very enjoyable holiday for me."

David - "Excellent course. Hard work but enjoyable & rewarding."

Jon - "Philip has a great knowledge of his work and shares his secrets greatly and generously."

 Cheryl - "Its been a great course. Thanks for continually pushing us in our abilities & making us feel so welcome"

 Alan - "A very good week"

 Les - "Enjoyed the course"

 Will - "The course was great. I feel I have learnt a new skill to achieve something in my career"

 Bernard - " I have learned so much in 5 days about restoration and would be interested in attending again, working on 2 different projects. The course was very relaxed and went with my own pace. Marks out of 10 - it has to be a perfect 10. PS Loved the cakes. Thanks again

 Jules - "Really enjoyable! Nice relaxed atmosphere, excellent tips."

 Val - "Wonderful tools, excellent tuition and very good company. It was a really good way to learn."

 Angie - "Great course - really enjoyed it - very pleased with my mirror."

 Isobel - "A fantastic week which I`ve really enjoyed - a very good antidote to working in an office!"

 Dawn - "Great course - enjoyed every minute."

 Grainne - "Really enjoyed the course- so much more to learn! Thank you very much."

Chris - "The course made me aware of just how much I didn`t know about woodworking. A very worthwhile course."

Darren -"Thanks for a great week. A great balance of explanation, support and leaving us to practice/get on with it. I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and small numbers."

Jacqui - "I look forward to doing the next course - need to start saving."

Andie - "Nice small classes - lots of attention. Very informative. Really pleased with my finished pieces. I feel confident that I can go away and replicate skills on my own other pieces."

Georgie - " Really great week! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. It has been interesting and I am pleased with my tea caddy :.)

John - "Excellent course. Thank you."

Sue - "As a real beginner, Philip`s patience much appreciated alongside his experience."

Richard - "I would like to do a French Polishing course  & perhaps Tool Sharpening next time. Great fun and thanks for the advice."

George - "Enjoyed the whole experience - techniques, materials & tools but particularly repairing the cock beading."

Helen - "Learnt lots of hints & tips about how to approach things."

Debi - " I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this course. Can`t thank Philip enough."

Stephen - "What appealed was using my own workpiece & seeing it progress."

Linda - "It very much met and surpassed expectations."


Course Name:  Gilding


 Fran - "Thank you for your patience."

 Paul - "Many thanks for a great week."

 Linda - "Many thanks Philip for looking after us & making the week fly by."

 Angie - "Feel that it was big learning curve - will be of great help to me. Looking forward to my next 2 courses."

 Graham - "Congratulations on an excellent course and I hope to put some of the learnings into practice."

 Neil - "A well structured course with an exhaustive amount of practical experience. Well done Philip!"

Callam - "Really enjoyed the course. I have been gilding for 3 years already and still learnt a lot from Philip. I will leave with the confidence to complete most if not all of my projects in the forseeable future."

Kate - "Perfect class size."
Simeone - " Excellent learning experience, thanks a lot!!"
Aneta - "Fantastic course. Lots of information & advice. Will be back to learn more. Thank you for your patience."


Course Name:  Introductory Wood Finishing


Jon  - "Course was exactly what I needed to start polishing. Once I have practised I will be back!!!"  

 Lorraine - "Thank you both Philip & Sue. I had a wonderful time. I learned a lot and all I need to do now is practice!"

 Lois - "An interesting, useful & enjoyable weekend"

 Tony - "Informal and relaxed; I learnt a lot; Very useful"

 Louise - "Very many thanks for a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed it"

 Paul - "Fantastic, so much to learn. Need to repeat (and will)"

Barry - "A very professional course - good teaching and immensely good value."

 Terry - "Excellent, well organised course well devised and thoroughly enjoyed."

 Tony" - "Extremely useful tips."

 Simon - " Excellent tuition, very useful and would definitely recommend."

Andrew - "Excellent location and tutoring. highly recommended."

 Stephanie - "Excellent atmosphere for learning. Informative but not too formal. Pace was not too fast."

 Graham - "A very good introduction to wood finishing,"

 Brian - "Very informative & friendly atmosphere. Great weekend thanks."

 Lynne - "Informative, interesting and set at a good pace. A good introduction which has given me a a taster of the full restoration course."

Nick - "Excellent 2 days with like minded people. Good fun & learnt an awful lot from Philip."

Paul - "Great teaching & good fun. Highly recommended. I will definitely come again."

Jacqui - "Very enjoyable & informative. Will definitely do more."

Jane - " I don`t suppose I will be doing a huge lot of French Polishing, but I now know a lot about the options and what might be done by myself & others. Thank you for your help."

Jonathan - "Very interesting and worthwhile. a lot to absorb and to work on."

Jonathan P - " Really nice location. Especially helpful having a weekend session. Very useful covering so many topics. Nice to have breaks for food and coffee etc. Very knowledgeable course tutor - excellent couple of days - many thanks."

Egbert "Very hands on. Was great."


Course Name:  Intermediate Wood Finishing


 Andrew - "Excellent location and tutoring. Highly recommended"

 Will - "The course was excellent and I feel I`ll really benefit from your teaching"

 Brenda "1st two days I found it a lot of info to take in, but by staying on for the Intermediate course things began to fall into place"

 Maureen - "Learnt a lot, from stripping to small trade secrets. Really enjoyable. Thank you for your patience & sharing of knowledge."

 Sarah - "Could do with staying a week, will return instead!

 Sally - "Brilliant!"

 Isobel - "This worked very well as a follow up to the restoration course as it was the opportunity to try things out for a second time with advice on hand."

Amanda - " a lot of information to take on board on the first 2 days, so definitely needed the second 2 day course to consolidate. Thoroughly enjoyed the second 2 days with sense of understanding & accomplishment."

Ian - "Enjoyed this course very much. Thought I would have struggled more than I did. I think this was down to excellent notes plus a very knowledgable & patient teacher. Will be back for another course.

John - "Very informative & supportive approach to learning new skills. Very useful notes on processes & suppliers. Thank you."

Linda - "Thank you very much for an excellent course. I have a long way to go with French Polishing but at least I know what I should be doing."

Cornelius - "I have been looking at courses for a while & found some to be expensive & some of the tutor`s knowledge of the subject lacking. I found none of these issues on this course. Very satisfactory thank you."

Jenni "Enjoyed the course, really good teaching standard. Thank you so much for all your help[. I will look at your other courses."

Carolyn - "An excellent course. Very practical. Philip is very expert & advised us on choice of finishes, stains etc. Thoroughly worthwhile. THANK YOU.

John - This is an excellent course. I shall be enrolling on another course in the future.

Kevin - Nice two days.

Anne - Really absorbing. Time flew by & I felt very satisfied with the end results. Most appealingly I completed my projects - learned not to over reach myself! Enjoyed the company of other students.


Course Name:  Introduction to Woodworking


 Natasha - "Really useful and interesting!"

Andrew -" I look forward to the Tool Sharpening couirse later in the year. Thank you very much."

Stephen - "I`ve already booked on another course."

Annie - I want to do all of your courses"

Course Name:  Making Wooden Joints


Barry - " I really enjoyed the course and was surprised how many different joints I made in a week"

Course Name Tool Tuning & Sharpening

Justin - "Excellent course - Many thanks Philip."

Barry - "Very enjoyable & informative course."

Jeremy - "Good to have full notes to take away."

Simon - "Excellent, very informative & helpful. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Michael - "Small class size - brilliant. Handout booklet - very useful & helpful. Help gathering tools - wonderful service & extremely helpful to complete beginner like myself. Teachimg & facilities first class."

Paul - "I hadn`t expected sharpening & tuning needed to be so precise."

Annie - " It was good. I learnt lots of new skills including patience. Lovely co-students & a totally supportive tutor. As a real novice it took me time but getting there is satisfying."

Andrew - " It is enjoyable with more than adequate individual attention coupled with humour & patience on both sides. Greater concentration was needed to have all the tools in advance. Prolonged sharpening was less appealing but was broken up by actually making something. The family atmosphere is delightful."



Course Name:  Veneering


Angus - "Great fun with intensive work (and still some to do! ) Will definitely finish what I started and continue with more. Personally, I liked the low numbers. Thanks very much for your tuition, hospitality and friendliness."

Charles - "Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative. I would definitely do another course. Thank You."

Justin - " Excellent, enjoyed the design aspects and seeing it all come together. As usual the notes supplied were excellent."

 Cornelius - " An informative & enjoyable week at times quite amusing."

Gareth - "Improved my accuracy in stringing along withj dozens of tips & techniques. Best course yet."

Joanne -"The course was very good, well planned & each step fully explained. Philip is an excellent craftsman & is a great tutor. His course was packed full of great information & experiences. Would highly recommend."

Dominic -"My expectations were fully met."

Chris -"A very interesting and instructive course. As with other courses I have attended, I feel that I learnt a lot and on this course a great deal about veneering and marquetry. I anticipate that this knowledge will help me in future projects where I need to implement these skills. I thought that the other course participants were also very interesting and this all added to the enjoyment I had on this course. Thank you."





Thank You for finding the time to give me your feedback.

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