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Blog2017 course dates will be added in late July. Watch this space.


Reported in this week`s news :

A new world record has been set for the largest number of robots to dance together simultaneously (1007 if you really want to know).The iphone 7 is unveiled as not having an earphone socket.

Brangelina is back to being Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie.

You have to ask yourself what is really important to you. The correct answer is of course none of the above.

Instead look at practical courses where you use your hands, build confidence, strength of character, and problem solving capabilities, which are useful in all careers and in every educational experience. Furthermore, working with a natural material in a creative manner assists you in connecting the relevance of other subject material to your daily lives.

Are you ready for a new challenge? Or maybe you know someone who is looking for a new career or hobby. Whichever one of my courses you choose it will open you up to new horizons. New tools, techniques and materialsto allow you to be able to make, restore or finish any wooden object from a chair to wainscot to a tea caddy.Look out for new special offersFollow me on Twitter @PhilipHodge1

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  • 2017 course dates now available to book
  • I opened my workshop for 2 weekends to the general public as part of the Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios and it went very well with many interested and interesting people dropping by. Thank you to you all and I hope you enjoyed your visit.


    Benefits Of Going On A Course

    1. Assists students in communicating and understanding ideas non-verbally, through sketches and technical drawings.

    2. Enhances the skills of spatial visualization required for geometry, trigonometry and algebra, giving you skills that are also useful in the fields of engineering, architecture and science.

    3. Provides you with physical evidence of your skill proficiency.

    4. Instils a pride of accomplishment and self-esteem.

    5. Gives you the opportunity to execute precise work and to produce useful products, and become “self-assessors” using measuring tools, squares, etc. and then, with the understanding of quality work, comes the ability to self-assess the quality of their work.

    6. Trains the eye and hand to see accurately and to feel the sense of beauty in form.

    7. Instils the habits of attention, perseverance and patience.

    8. Offers opportunities for you to go where your heart demands by selecting subjects, designs and projects that motivate you.

    9. Teaches you to overcome setbacks that occur when working on real objects.

    10. Provides relevancy of other subject matter to your life, thereby preparing you for a lifetime of learning.

    11. Provides non-academic areas for demonstration of skills and pursuit of excellence.

    12. Provides an opportunity to engage physically and actively in learning exercises.

    13. Helps you gain confidence in tools use and learn safety considerations required for a career, lifetime of general home maintenance or a life-long hobby.

    14. Offers an appreciation for the values inherent in physical labour and the work contributions of others.

    15. Connects you to the concept of wellness, as concentrating on your projects gives you a break from life`s worries.

    16. Enjoying yourself!


    As summer marches out of the door autumn awaits, and I offer you the following remaining courses of 2016:


    Tool Sharpening + Cabinet Making + Cabinet Veneering

    October 3rd - 7th (1 place remaining)


    November 7th - 11th


    Furniture Restoration

    November 14th- 18th


    Introductory Wood Finishing

    November 26th & 27th


    Intermediate Wood Finishing
    November 28th & 29th

    Introduction To Woodworking

    December 3rd


    Autumn 2018 could be the last courses I offer from my workshop if demand does not increase! Use it or lose it.

  • Due to heavy work load of restoration the courses listed in September & October 2018 will be the last I offer until at least 2020.
  • New course dates for 2020 & 2021 to be announced shortly
  • As my courses fall under the Education banner It is currently unclear under the new November 2020 government guidelines whether they are allowed to take place. However, as some people would be travelling some distance to get to my workshop & accommodation businesses will be closed, I think that the fairest & most sensible plan of action would be to postpone the affected dates. I am therefore adjusting my course calendar to minimise risk during this period.
     I am also looking to add further dates in 2021 & this will give you additional options if none of the current dates are possible. When all future courses do take place I have measures in place to minimise any risk of catching the virus.
    Stay Safe
  • As of this week the worshop update is complete & I am back restoring furniture.
  • I expect to be back running courses from May 2021. Hopefully we can look forward with confidence.
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